One to one coaching

  • Are you a busy professional with limited time to balance between family and work commitments?

  • Do you want a training program that gives you the physique, health, focus and energy a 20 year old would envy?

  • Are you fed up of feeling weak, run down and spending your money on unnecessary doctors prescriptions?

  • Then stop wasting your limited free time on ineffective workouts and one size fits all diet plans that get you nowhere

Please note: I am currently based in Dubai, UAE and I live in the Springs. I coach from Team Nogueira and can also travel to the gym of your choice or your home.


My one on one coaching is designed for you as an individual to achieve Optimal Physique Development. What does Optimal Physique Development mean? It means developing not only your body but also your health and your knowledge of all that goes into making you the best you can be. For me the word ‘physique’ means you as a whole, outside and in, body and mind.  


I will guide you on building muscle, getting lean, improving health and creating the mindset needed to succeed. If you haven't already, read about me for my story and how I can help you.  Your best physique is my goal and I will get your there in the most efficient way possible.


How do I do this?


My programs are not like the usual one size fits all programs you will find get from other trainers. Your program will be completely individualised to you. This means you will get the best and fastest results possible.  When you apply for coaching with me I will send you my comprehansive intake form. When completed, this will provide me with the information I need about you to build your program. I take into consideration your available training time, training age, goals, genetic potential, lifestyle, fiber type composition, hormone levels, stress response... I could go on but you get the drift. Everything down to the rep range is individualised just for you (no 3 sets of 10 for all exercises here!). With nutrition plans that match your activity level and circadian rythym. And of course, this all evolves as you do. Check out this article for more information on why an individualised program is important. Once I have looked over your information I will get back to you to arrange a free consultation and together we will workout a plan that is right for you.

                    One to one coaching Services

My current one to one services include Personal Training combined with Nutrition Coaching or Nutrition Coaching only.


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