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12 Week Transformation Program

Do you want fast but permanent physique changes?  Learn the skills needed to build maximum amount of muscle, get cover model lean and obtain life-long health?  My 12 week transformation program is my most popular for a reason.  I guarantee results.  In fact, if you follow my plan for 12 weeks and do not see any results I will give you a full refund.

Sounds good but what is actually included?

  • An individualised training program tailored exactly to your goals and current circumstances, beginning you on your routine as optimally as possible. This plan will be constantly reviewed and updated depending on your progress as long as you are my client.

  • An individualised nutrition plan, with calorie/macronutrient targets (if necessary) and recommended food choices for rapid initial progress and health improvesments. This plan will be constantly reviewed and updated depending on your progress as long as you are my client.

  • Lifestyle recommendations. This includes minimising stress, improving sleep and other ways to optimise your training results.

  • Individualised Supplement recommendations. Advising you on what is best to take and also what to avoid, saving you time and money.

  • Constant E-mail/Message support. I will be on hand to answer any questions you may have relating to training, nutrition or lifestyle. This is best achieved via email but can also be by Facebook, Whatsapp or other means.

  • Critique of form videos. I will also give adviced on the best form to maximise your training.

12 week transformation
Online client, Chris

I like it, but what does it cost me?

Picture this... 12 weeks from now and you feel and look amazing.  You have that much coveted six-pack and your arms are bulging out your t-shirt.  Every where you go people are asking what your secret is.  Your energy is better than ever, you feel healthy and strong.  How much would you pay for that?  I don't mean to be cheesy and I'm not here to give you the hard sell.  My programs get results and that is what matters most to my clients.  My 12 Week Transformation Program comes to $175 every 4 weeks for the 12 week duration. This works out at just over $6 per day.  Ditch that fattening morning Latte and you have covered the cost already.  If you don't think this is worth it please do not read any further.

Ready to transform your physique?

Ok cool, but first, you should know what happens next. 


My programs are not like the usual one size fits all programs you will find on some other websites. Your program will be completely individualised to you. This means you will get the best and fastest results possible.  When you enter your email below I will send you my intake form. When completed, this will provide me with the information I need about you to build your program. I take into consideration your available training time, training age, goals, genetic potential, lifestyle, fiber type composition, hormone levels, stress response... I could go on but you get the drift. Everything down to the rep range is individualised just for you (no 3 sets of 10 for all exercises here!). With nutrition plans that match your activity level and circadian rythym. And of course, this all evolves as you do.  

I don't work with just anyone

Once I have looked over your information I will get back to you if I feel we will be a good fit and I can genuinely help you reach your goals.  Together we will then workout a plan that is right for you and get started.

Ok, just get me started already

Ok, just wanted to make sure you have the full picture.  Just enter your email below and we will get the ball rolling...
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