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Chris Wilkinson

I've trained with Craig for the past 3 months and been going to the gym for the past 10 years or so but I had not yet achieved the results I wanted until I started training with Craig. I have a 4 hour commute to work and back everyday plus a young family so have little spare time. Craig tailored my program specifically to suit around my individual circumstances, body type and capabilities to achieve my goal of losing fat and gaining muscle. Even though I sometimes went off course from the program I still achieved the result I wanted in a short period of time through just weight training and changing my diet. Craig was always available to give motivational support to keep me on track and answer questions, he is very dedicated, helpful and easy going.

I learned a lot about nutrition, weight training techniques and general healthier lifestyle choices through Craigs vast knowledge on these subjects which has changed my lifestyle and outlook. If you want results fast and guaranteed I highly recommend you train with Craig.

Shuaib Al Sulaimani

President of Transworld Aviation

"Without exaggeration I have had over 15 Personal Trainers and tried over 5 programmes online to help me reach my goal to become lean and put on muscle mass at the same time. Since I've started training with Craig I have achieved my goal. I have never been this lean where I could see my abs properly and have the body I've always wanted. Craig uses a different approach to training which is very individualised and research based. He is fun to be around and train with and he has always motivated me and helped me stay on track. I would highly recommend training with Craig if you are serious about transforming not only your body but also your lifestyle."

Hana Haddad

"I have been training with Craig for almost 1 and 1/2 years now. He is passionate and very knowledgeable about what he does. I have learned a lot of things about training from him and I have learned to do exercises I never thought would help me tone my body! Craig not only tailored my training program and needs but also customized my eating plan and helped me eliminate certain foods from my diet. He is always positive, funny, helpful and motivating me to stay on track, even when I lose the drive to make an effort.
I highly recommend training with him. Not only to transform your body, but your lifestyle as well."


M. Dumont

Personal Trainer

"Craig is an exceptional personal trainer – by far the most knowledgeable and dedicated personal trainer I have trained with.  He introduced me to a variety of strength and conditioning exercises that I never thought I would be able to perform! He rescued me from spending hours on boring cardio machines with no results.  He has helped me get leaner and improve my strength by providing variety and progression through his programs. I have also fine-tuned my eating habits with the help of his customized nutrition plans. I would not hesitate to recommend or train with Craig again!"

John Presutti

Founder & CEO at Market-I

"If you are in Dubai and looking for a trainer to really listen to your health and fitness needs, custom design a program suited to your goals, and patiently works with you to achieve those goals, then call Craig immediately. I started working with Craig last year and I am deeply impressed with his knowledge of health, fitness, and nutrition. Furthermore, he is extremely sensitive to your personal life stage and can design a program that expertly matches your body type (in terms of current strength levels, levels of flexibility, aerobic and anaerobic capacity).
As a 50+ time constrained executive, I can honestly say, that I am feeling the results of working with Craig."

Majid Alowais

Procurement Analyst at Emirates

"Craig is a very dedicated personal trainer, organized and knows what kind of exercise is good for you. He knows how to pace the progress, he's aware that nothing happens overnight and takes it easy. I have personally became a fitter person and more conscious about my exercise routines, you can never go wrong training with Craig."

Nicky Taylor

"I have been training with Craig now for 9 months. I find him really easy to get along with and he listens to what I want to achieve as his client. He tailors my programs as needed to achieve my goals. 

My teenage daughter also trains with Craig and he has taught her proper healthy eating habits. My daughter also loves the boxing workouts Craig has included in her training. I highly recommend him."

Mohammed Nasser

I first trained with Craig for a short period in 2014 to help build my strength and stamina for triathlons. 

I then continued to train on my own. However, in 2016 I decided I needed help in beating my personal best timings in my races. Without hesitation I arranged to start training again with Craig to focus on exercises that would boost my strength, stamina and speed.

Craig takes extra care to individualise my workouts, taking into consideration multiple factors such as nutrition, sleeping patterns and work/life schedules to help me reach my goals. He monitors progress on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with full updates being given to me each month. I find this to be very motivational.

I would highly recommend Craig for those that are serious and committed to achieving their fitness and healthy lifestyle goals.

David L

"I've been training with Craig for about 3 month now, minus a 2 week break for the Christmas holidays. Before starting with Craig, I'd never lifted a weight in my life, and I had no idea where to start. I needn't have worried. Craig created and implemented a training and diet plan, both of which were easy to follow, and in the 3 months we've worked together I've lost about 11 kilos. Using Craig's methods, it has been easy to track the progress which has been made and I'm now lifting weights during warm up sets which I would have been unable to even contemplate before. His knowledge in everything fitness and nutrition related is frankly scary! If you're looking for a personal trainer who will tailor your training and nutrition to your lifestyle and requirements, look no further! "

Michael Transform.png

Michael F


I've been working with Craig for over a year now, and he is solely responsible for:

1. destroying many myths I had about nutrition, exercise, physiology, and bodybuilding. For every question I ask, he has an answer supported by white papers, and an article explaining those white papers for laymen. I quite often opt in for both and learn a lot of new things.

2. changing my lifestyle for the better on a cosmic scale. It can be a bit scary, but Craig somehow provides support at all the right moments, so transitions from hoping for the best to quantifying results, from roughly following a diet to happily counting calories – they happen easily and with little stress.

3. giving me control over my body. I used to be quite confused by it. Will I lose weight if I do this? Are cheat days okay? How do I push 100kg? Now I understand that I control everything, I know what I want and how to get there, I don't worry about any events and can easily focus on the long-term. Somehow, without ever pushing me to do anything, Craig happened to show me how my decisions shape my body, and that's beautiful. I lost 19kg out of my starting 94, and I'm building them back as muscle. I feel as a completely different person. Craig literally is the best and most life-altering thing to happen to me in Dubai.”

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