• Are you a busy professional living in Dubai with limited time to balance between family and work commitments?

  • Do you want a training program that gives you the physique, health, focus and energy a 20 year old would envy?

  • Are you fed up of feeling weak, run down and spending your money on unnecessary doctors prescriptions?

  • Then stop wasting your limited free time on ineffective workouts and one size fits all diet plans that get you nowhere


Hi, my name is Craig Lapsley and I am an online and offline Physique Coach based in

Dubai.  I specialise in creating completely individualised programs for those that want to

transform their body and health.  I will give you the knowledge and the skills you need

to obtain a cover model physique, obtain life-long optimal health and finally see the

results you deserve

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My Story


In my late teens my health and fitness was not important to me. I practiced Jui Jitsu maybe once per week as my cousin has his own MMA club but apart from that I couldn't say I was in any way truly involved in the fitness world.  In fact, it would be safe to say I took my health for granted.  Think coco pops for breakfast, whatever I could grab for lunch and maybe some veg with dinner on a good day.  And the weekends, well, what can I say about the weekends.  Have you ever read any ‘Hunter S. Thompson’?  I will say no more.


Just before I turned 20 I was diagnosed with Crohns disease. I was never the most confident person but this took any of that remaining confidence, put it in a weighted sack, sailed out to the middle of the ocean and left it to sink miles to the bottom.  Where it would be stashed like some buried treasure, hidden, with only a faint map left written in the blood of ‘One-eyed Willie’ to show its whereabouts.  I wish I could tell you that this was the turning point for me and I then went on a mission, like a vengeful samurai to change my life for the better.  But, I didn’t.  I was lost as a person. I was so thin, weak and energy-less that a slight breeze could knock me over. The map to my self-confidence was unreadable and I slipped into a depression.  I dropped out of University and quit my job.  I was on 22 tablets a day and could only eat a limited number of foods.  Stomach cramps were a regular occurrence, along with running to the toilet to do my tenth liquid poo for the day (sorry).


There was a gradual change in my physical and mental health from that low point.  I got a new job, with HMRC working as the taxman.  You may be excused for thinking this was a step down but at the time it was what I needed to get out my slump.  I then started to take a keener interested in my health.  No more rolls and sausage for breakfast.  And decided to get fit again.  Who am I kidding; I mean fit for the first time.  It was then that a friend introduced me to lifting weights and the world of bodybuilding. 


This was the game changer for me.  For the first time in my life I was getting stronger and I even started getting a few compliments on my physique.  I then took that metaphorical map to my buried self-confidence and went on a voyage to find it. 


My journey didn’t consist of going out to the sea, fighting pirates and swimming with great whites.  No, it involved reading, researching, training and experimentation.  Not just reading about training or nutrition but on the psychology of confidence and happiness. You could say it become an obsession.  I like to think of it as finding my passion. 


It took a good number of years to get to where I am now.  But here I am.  I am completely medication and symptom free.  I went from a skinny weakling to a strong, muscular, confident and happy person (you can check out my picture below (I don’t have any pics of me when ill because I hid away and did not want anyone to see me but I think you will agree I look healthy).


 I am a REPS Level 3 qualified Advanced Personal Trainer with Nutrition and a certified Bayesian PT.  I have my own business online and in Dubai changing peoples lives for the better through physique development.  I hope my story has inspired you.  No matter your starting point you can make a massive change to your mind, body and health.  It may have taken me a number of years to change but with the knowledge I have obtained we can transform your physique in a matter of weeks.


If you are interested in transforming your physique check out my coaching page for more information and if you have any other questions just drop me a message at craig@lapsleyfitness.com


Me, winning!
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