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My Coaching Services

What is online coaching?


When you hire me as your coach I help you achieve your training, nutrition & lifestyle goals


Ask yourself this question – what does your ideal physique look like?


How do you feel when you’ve achieved it?


Now you know what you want, and what working with me as an online client will get you . . .


What does online coaching actually look like?


First you complete my comprehensive intake form which gives me all the info I need to build a bespoke program for you, giving fast & optimal results


Do you want to lose fat & gain confidence? To build muscle & improve your health?


An optimal program will get you there fast


Once we get started I will send through your ‘Lapsley Fitness Welcome Pack’ with all the info you need to get started - exercise instructions, lifestyle advice, nutrition guidelines, gym tips & much more


We’ll use an App to host your workouts which you complete in the gym at your convenience (Online Coaching is not me sitting on zoom watching you graft in the gym)


You input the day’s results & I update the program, progressing accordingly & guaranteeing faster muscle growth & strength gains


You can send me videos of specific exercises & I come back with form tips & changes as needed (you are never alone in there)


I’ll also ask you to complete a food diary


This allows me to build a nutrition plan tailored to you & your lifestyle, incorporating your likes & avoiding your dislikes

A nutrition plan built specifically for you (constantly assessed & updated) will help you see your desired physique fast


And no, it is not just me giving you macros to hit then you never hear from me again . . .


My coaching involves us being in constant contact, through whatsapp & weekly video check-ins

If you are interested in speaking to me about coaching you can contact me here

Follow me on Instagram to get to know me better

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