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LapsleyFitness Heisenberg

I am the Heisenberg of Fitness

Note: If you have never seen the TV series Breaking Bad or don't have any idea what it is about you may not get this part. I also suggest you get it watched, what have you been thinking?


I finished the final series of Breaking Bad recently. Is it the best TV show of all time? Or does The Wire still top it? I can't decide. Anyway, while watching I came to a realisation . . . I think I am the Heisenberg of Fitness. No not Werner Karl Heisenberg the German theoretical physicist, but Walter White's (played by Bryan Cranston) alter ego, Heisenberg in Breaking Bad.


Analysing the character I can see a lot of similarities between him and I. At one point in his life he was only seeing glimpses of the criminal world through the dinner party tales of his cop brother-in-law Hank. In my late teens my health and fitness was not important to me. I practiced Jui Jitsu maybe once per week as my cousin has his own MMA club but apart from that I couldn't say I was in any way truly invovled in the fitness world.  Sheltered from it, if you will, just as Walter White was from the criminal underworld.


Around this time I was diagnosed with Crohns disease. I won't go into a lot of details about that here but it is safe to say it changed things for me. For one, I started taking a keener interest in my health and fitness. You could say I became slightly obsessed. I was so thin and weak that a slight breeze could knock me over. My confidence was low and I decided to take action to change things. This is similar to Walter White being diagnosed with cancer and starting to take an active part in illegal activities.  (Don't worry all of my health tips are legal and above board!)


 Before I became a Personal Trainer I worked in the Tax Office. (Don't hold this against me!)  Yes, I worked with numbers in a job that I hated just like Walt when he was a high school Chemistry Teacher. As time went on I became more dedicated and focussed with my training and eventually did my first Personal Training Certificate. I was officially a Fitness Professional and felt just like Walter did when he took on his Heisenberg persona.


Heisenberg's empire continued to grow from there, just as mine has. From working in a commercial gym to starting my own website (Walt's caravan to carwash ownership anyone?) and from a skinny weakling to a strong, muscular, confident and happy person.


Heinsenberg is known for bringing a quality product to his customers with excellent results. Just like my online and offline coaching!


How do I feel now about leaving my previous career and being a part of the fitness world? I will let Heisenberg speak for me,"I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really -- I was alive."

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