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Calorie & Macro Calculator

How to use the calorie calculator

Input your data as requested

If dieting, choose the calorie targets as follows:

- if you are a male 20% body fat/female 25% body fat or above go for the 1.5% per week loss

- if you are a male 16% body fat/female 22% body fat or above go for the 1% per week loss

- if you are a male 15% body fat/female 21% body fat or under go for the 0.5% per week loss

Remember these calories and macros are just a starting point and you have to adjust your intake depending on your personal results

Please note: if you are in a large deficit you may find you do not have enough calories to eat 30% of your maintenance calories as fat (recommended) and still have any carbohydrates in your diet. If this is the case you can lower your fat intake. 20% is the lowest I would recommend anyone ever goes for health reasons. I would recommend eating at 30% if you can. If you eat under 50g of carbs per day this will eventually bring you into ketosis, so you should stay above this level unless this is your goal. The calculator is not designed to calculate ketogenic diet macros but you can use the calorie and protein amounts given and adjust fat/carbohydrates as needed

If you have any questions relating to your calorie/macro calculations or any other fitness/nutrition questions you can contact me here

Or send me a DM on Instagram 

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