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  • Q 'Where are you based?'

  • A I live in the Springs area of Dubai. I am able to travel to most areas in Dubai to train you at your home or building gym.

  • Q 'What gym do you train clients in?'

  • A I currently train most of my clients at Team Nogueira in Al Quoz, Dubai.

  • Q 'When do I pay for online coaching?'

  • A Once I have received your intake form, I will email you with payment details and an optional start date for coaching. Payment is due any time before your start date.


  • Q 'How much experience do I need?'

  • A I do not have a minimum experience requirement. However, Online Coaching requires that you have at least some knowledge of exercise. If you do not know what a squat and a hip hinge are, and have no clue to what a macronutrient is, then maybe my offline one to one coaching option is best for you at the moment.


  • Q 'How often do I need to train?'

  • A A minimum of 2 days per week at the gym is needed. If you can not dedicated yourself to at least this number of days, then I will unfortunately not be able to work with you at this time.


  • Q 'How often will you make adjustments to my diet and training program?'

  • A This is highly individual, however, I will update your training program after each microcycle. So this may be once per week or more. My updates for training are exercise specific so will depend on progess. Diet updates again depend on the situation of the individual client. If you are counting your macros I will asses and update this weekly.


  • Q 'Why do you require pictures?'

  • A Pictures help me assess your current muscularity and body fat levels. It also allows me to see your frame size and muscle belly lengths which can all be used to assess strong and weak points and to individualise your program.


  • Q 'Why do you not offer a one off program and nutrition plan?'

  • A In order to build a program specific for you we need to do some testing, etc. This takes a week or more and we will be in contact a lot during that time. At this moment I feel I wouldn't be giving you the best service if I just handed you a program and sent you on your way.


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