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  • Are you a busy professional with limited time to balance between family and work commitments?

  • Do you want a training program that gives you the physique, health, focus and energy a 20 year old would envy?

  • Are you fed up of feeling weak, run down and spending your money on unnecessary doctors prescriptions?

  • Then stop wasting your limited free time on ineffective workouts and one size fits all diet plans that get you nowhere

Hi, my name is Craig Lapsley and I am an online and offline Nutritionist and Personal Trainer.  I specialise in creating completely individualised programs for busy people that know the benefits that looking great and being healthy brings.

I am an MNU certified Nutritionist, Bayesian PT and Level 3 CYQ Personal Trainer.

I will give you the knowledge and the skills you need to look great, obtain life-long

optimal health, increase your energy and finally see the results you deserve

Personal trainer based in the Greens, Dubai.
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About Me

My Coaching Services

- having been based in Dubai now for 10 years I know what challenges the busy lifestyle here creates and how to over-come them.  Whether it is dealing with the Dubai stone, or just fitting training into your work/life schedule.  Read my one to one coaching page for more information on how I can help you.

Click here for a free consultation with me.

- don't live in Dubai?  Or don't want to work with a coach standing over you?  Not a problem.  You can work with me from anywhere in the world online.  I will give you all the information and support you need to get a top physique.  Check out my online coaching page for more information on the benefits and features of my service.



12 week fat loss transformation

"I've trained with Craig for the past 3 months and been going to the gym for the past 10 years or so but I had not yet achieved the results I wanted until I started training with Craig. I have a 4 hour commute to work and back everyday plus a young family so have little spare time. Craig tailored my program specifically to suit around my individual circumstances, body type and capabilities to achieve my goal of losing fat and gaining muscle. 

If you want results fast and guaranteed I highly recommend you train with Craig."

—  Chris Wilkinson

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