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What You Really Need To Do To Build Big Biceps

Are you wanting to build bigger biceps?

Forget about the ‘here are the 3 best biceps exercises’ articles you see (don’t worry I’ll give you my favourite exercises at the end of the article).

Here is what you really need to do to build jaw dropping biceps…

1) Train your biceps with as much volume as you do muscles like the chest

Yes, lat pulldowns & rows hit the biceps but you should count this as half volume.

You then make up the remaining volume on your biceps by using biceps isolation exercises.

2) Prioritise your biceps in your training program

The exercises you do first in any workout will always get the best results so if you want bigger biceps make sure you do biceps exercises first (or at least not last) in your workouts.

3) Eat in a calorie surplus

If you want to build muscle anywhere on your body it is better to be eating at above maintenance levels.

Yes, you can build muscle in a calorie deficit but nowhere near as much than if you are overeating to fuel your gains (no need to pig out, 200-300kcals above maintenance is all you need).

Here are my favourite biceps isolation exercises:

- Bayesian Curls - these allow for a great range of motion (ROM) & constant tension on the biceps

- Offset Incline Dumbbell Curls – this exercise gives you maximum stretch in your biceps at the bottom position (I prefer to do this exercise one arm at a time, unlike the video shown)

- Spider Curls – great for isolating the short head of the biceps

Be consistent, remember to always use progressive overload with all of your exercises & your biceps will be bursting out of your shirt in no time.


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