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Upgrading Your Trainer Game: Choosing the Best Gym Trainers for Your Workouts

When it comes to training footwear, choosing the right shoe for the activity you’re participating in is crucial for your progress and overall well-being.

Nike trainer

Wearing the wrong trainers can lead to sore feet and injuries, hindering your performance and progress in the gym.

Here's what you need to know about choosing the best trainers for your gym routine.

Lifting Weights

If your gym program consists mostly of resistance training exercises like barbells, dumbbells, or machines, you want a shoe that offers a very stable base.

This is important to prevent instability while lifting heavy weights.

Converse trainers

The best options for lifting weights are Converse or actual weightlifting shoes.

Nike Weightlifting shoes

Cross Training

For a workout routine that consists of a mixture of training modalities like weights, cardio, and jumping type plyometrics, you need a shoe that offers both stability and flexibility.

A stable base is important to prevent instability, while flexibility in the sole allows for a more natural range of motion.

Nike crosstraining trainers

The best options for cross training are Nike Metcon 7 Cross-Training Shoes or Reebok Nano X1 Cross-Training Shoes.

Reebok crosstraining trainers


For those who will be mostly running on the treadmill, a good running shoe is the best option.

When running, you need support and cushioning to protect your feet from impact.

Asics running shoes

The best options for cardio workouts are Nike Air Winflo 9 or Asics GlideRide 3.

Nike running shoes trainers

Comfort and Suitability

Regardless of the type of workout you’re participating in, it’s important to try on shoes for comfort and suitability before buying.

Make sure to walk around in the shoes, ensuring they are a good fit and provide adequate support and comfort.

In conclusion, choosing the right trainers for your gym routine is essential for your progress and overall well-being.

Take the time to consider the type of workout you’ll be participating in, and choose a shoe that offers the right balance of stability, flexibility, and comfort.


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