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Increase your child’s IQ and get ripped with this simple tip

Did you know that praising your child’s intelligence has actually been shown to lower their school grades and their motivation to work hard? You can read the research here.

That’s right, when you tell your child they are smart they get the message that if they have to put effort into solving a problem or understanding something then that proves to them that they didn’t have the natural intelligence you thought they were blessed with after all. And what are they if they are not smart? Stupid of course.

This results in your child avoiding difficult tasks and actually lying about test result scores. All because they have adopted an insidious fixed trait about themselves they want to hide from you and the rest of the world.

So, if you want to give your child the best chance of success you should encourage them to embrace effort and hard work: To see mistakes as an interesting way to learn not as a reflection on them as a person or their abilities.

What has this got to do with you and getting a ripped physique?

Well for a start, adopting an attitude of embracing hard work and forgetting about natural talent is the best thing you can do for your goals.

Truth is no one can get life changing results on two 30min high intensity workouts per week and eating all of your favourite foods. No matter what the Internet wants you to believe (once you hand over your hard earned cash to find out the secret of course).

Training takes effort and sticking to a diet takes resolution.

There is nothing wrong with that. You should face the challenge and be proud of your hard work at every stage.

You will learn and grow from any slip-ups with your diet and any stalls in your training progress. Trust me I know. I have spent 10 years trying to get jacked and ripped. I have followed some terrible training protocols in the past and been on some silly diets. This has cost me muscle and time.

But I continue to learn and grow and a lot of people call me a success now in terms of my body and health. I get complimented on my great discipline and some even suggest, much to my amusement, that I must have good genetics.

Truth is my results all came from endeavour and tenacity. My genetics aren’t good and most days I still long for that bit of cake I see in the coffee shop each morning. But that doesn’t matter. With the right effort you can drastically improve any part of yourself. From your muscle mass, too your body fat levels and even your IQ.

Learn to embrace hard work, as it is a necessary part of achieving any goal.

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